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Sunday, November 20, 2016

I thought it might be kind of interesting and fun to put together an article to display my digital artwork over the years. To see how much has changed in my work or if it has changed at all. I love doing my digital art pieces. I always use my own images in doing so and then applying, filters, overlays, textures, and or painting over them. This what I am most relaxed doing and probably enjoy the most. It gives me a chance to express who I am, what I am feeling, what I am going through, or simply what I believe. Most of the time I have an idea of what I want the outcome to be and then there are times I just start something, and as I work my thoughts start going and then I see it. The title of a piece usually never comes until it is completed. At that point everything I have been thinking is summed up in that one title. I guess expressing myself with words has not, for the most part,  come natural to me and has always been a little difficult. So after some searching of what I would like to show here, here have it newest to oldest.

"Evolve" 2016 -2016
Nature photograph composite. Simplistic idea of evolving.

"Landscape In Motion" - 2016
While traveling back home I couldn't help but notice the light and clouds. I decided to to try using bulb, setting the apature very high as the sun was going down. Using a little motion with the camera, this is what I got. Just a little fun with the edit.

"Another Season To Pass" -2016
- For every season there is something to be learned. The seasons of life

"Finding Destination" -2016
Emerging and finding our place is what this image represents for me. Using texture and blending mode as well as masking. A remake of my Fiery Daisy photograph. 

"Diversity"- 2011/2016
We have the ability to achieve, if we master the necessary goodwill, a common global society blessed with a shared culture of peace that is nourished by the ethnic, national and local diversities that enrich our lives.
-- Mahnaz AfkhamiA Panoramic View from the ferry on the Hudson looking on. Still has been my one and only visit Aug. 22, 2011. 3 images merged creating this scene along with edits and texture overlay. As I created it, the one word that came to mind- Diversity.

"Soul To Soul"-2016
To the past, present, and future - communication of souls. A vision so serene  always has something to say. Finest of sunsets.The heart and soul speaks.

"Life As We Know It"- 2016
Each life has many colors and sides. Rough yet beautiful is a good combination as I display this in the image. Rough yet beautiful cloudy sunset using selective color. I used my Canon taking 3 seperate exposures and edited soft and hard details into the image as well as a slight texture overlay.

"Visions Of A Barn"-2016
A red barn sits surrounded by grass fields. Taken merging three exposures and using texture to create a dreamy memorable scene. 

"Expression- Dreams On The Shore"- 2016
Interpretation and expression of dreaming on shore looking out where water meets sky. Painterly dreamy vision.

"My 4th of July" 2013
Fourth of July looking down on Seeley Lake from a top Rice Ridge. I put a little creative spin on this one that I enjoy. Notice the capture of the firework shaped as a heart. 
2010 - Class Project- Digital Darkroom
representing dreams and fears. 3 images. 

"Smooth Whiskey- American Honey" - 2015
Wild Turkey American Honey- An action still - digital artwork and manipulation. 

"At First Glance"- 2011
First time to see New York/ New Jersey. Hudson River

No Title
Spring- Seeley Lake, Mt. 2013

"What Lurks In The Night"-2013
In honor of Halloween and just plain creepiness as I see it. A fearful scene for myself, woods, dark, creepy bridge. Stuff a nightmare is made of

"Crystal Petals"-2014
A mix of fractal, flower image, and texture overlay. A crystalized look and feel.

"Outside Inspirations Part 2" - 2014
Digital artwork created to go with my first "outside inspirations piece"..both used a landscape background and this one, actual images from one of my recent images. This one does not have any digital painting used in it however, just a composit of two images

"Flame Of A Different Color" 2015
Compared to 'Horse of A Different Color'. With this digital manipulation- color associated with meaning. One thought containing more than one emotion or idea. Image taken at Big Larch campground-  a larch tree branch surrounded by flames using black and white and color.

"Sunset Collage" - 2015
A collage of my own images put together using a sunset, the moon, and lilies. A creation off setting reality in a somewhat dreamy surrealistic vision. Seeley Lake, Mt.

'Our Glowing Lady- Lady Liberty' -2011
My first time to see the wonderful Statue Of Liberty

'Lilies And Denim' - 2013
An example of the softness of a flower mixed with roughness of denim. A beautiful combination - a feminine appeal.

'Loving Palms-The Journey' -2009
A Florida sunset landscape with the palm trees in sillouette, edited for a dreamy imaginative view

'Waterfall Art' -2013
Morrell Falls, Montana - a delightful twist using texture and fine art to display this natural attraction of Montana.

'Nature's Dimensions 1'- 2014
A collage/ compilation of landscape, nature, digital textures and manipulations coming to a final creation on the verge of creating a series of similar images. Created by Janie Lynn Johnson.

'Nature's Dimenensions 2' -2014
A collage/ compilation of landscape, nature, digital textures and manipulations coming to a final creation on the verge of creating a series of similar images. Created by Janie Lynn Johnson.

'Preservation 2' -2016
-Preservation of special moments - struggling with the creation of new ones- allowing yourself to breath and feel - Originally this creation made for my Inspirations From The Heart album, using 3 of my own photographs and compiling them together to tell a piece of my story. I then took it another step with this one and blended also using brushes to splash some color symbolizing the struggling through these emotions.  

'Random Acts'- 2014
A random act of digital artwork created to make a nice wall piece. These are my random acts of peace and pleasure.

'Scents of A Rose' - 2016
The scent of a rose awakens our senses. A vision of the awakening imagining what it would like. The rose as well as many flowers are sentimental.

'Sunflower-a-Blaze' -2012
Recreated from a photograph and digitally painted inspired by a very special friend

'Historic Wilma Theatre' - 2012
"Built in 1921 along the bank of the Clark Fork River in downtown Missoula, Montana, the Wilma building has a long and colorful history. Commonly called the "Showplace of Montana," the eight-story building was constructed by William "Billy" Simons, an early western entrepreneur who produced Wild West shows and built theatres in Oregon, Idaho, and Alaska during the Gold Rush."

'Magical Pond' -2013
A revised visit to a mulltiple exposure shot of a little pond below the trees and mountains. Seely Lake, Mt. 

"Outside Inpiration's" -2012
The first in the set, a good loving friend at the time that gave me much inspiration and confidence. A huge turning point in my life.

" Visions - Lake Inez" - 2011
An old glimpse of Lake Inez in the Fall season early morning.

"Self Expressed Life"- 2013
This artwork was created from a painting in which I used bristol paper, acrylic paints, q-tips and a simple piece of cloth. I then transferred it to my computer and one of my images, different pieces of it and implementing in to the painting. I also used digital tools to complete it. This is an artwork I have been contemplating for some time and finally put it together in a way that I am pleased with. There is some different symbolizations in here for me, and has a lot of meaning. I hope you enjoy.

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Thursday, September 22, 2016

Landscape and Nature Photographs For Sale Through Me At A Great Price - Poster Prints - Wall Decor- Montana and Oregon

All my work is from my heart and soul. I take pride in my images and it takes some time sometimes to get the right feeling I want to present. I hope you enjoy and maybe make one of my pieces a part of your home!

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Janie Lynn's Photographic Art - Facebook Page

Monday, October 26, 2015

New Gallery - Images Taken @ The National #Bison #Range Dixon , Montana

The Bison Range was established in 1908 to support the American Bison population, and is home to 350-500 Bison. One of the oldest wildlife refuges in the Nation. Along with the Bison, there are many other animals and species to view here. In this Gallery is everything we saw in this one day- which little known to us was the last day they were open for the season. I will be adding more later. 
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All images owned and created by Janie Lynn Johnson/ Janie Lynn Photography

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